Pass the aspirin

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

And the Tums: Democrats in the U.S. House passed sweeping health care reforms Sunday night, ending more than a year of contentious debate.

One of the bills major provisions bars insurance providers from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. But coverage can be denied for treatment of Republicans’ injured pride and Democrats’ ailing re-election bids.

  • The Conan and Lego Index: Conan O’Brien, who lost his “Tonight Show” gig to Jay Leno, has bounced back with a nationwide tour of what will essentially be his old television show. Two shows in Seattle have sold out, with tickets going for up to $77.50 a seat. Meanwhile, the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle is inviting kids to a Lego building workshop with a Lego expert. Admission for one session is $50.

    That O’Brien could sell out two shows of something people use to watch for free and that others would pay $50 so their kid could play with Legos offers further proof that the economy actually is improving.

  • It’s pronounced “Smith”: A volcano in southern Iceland erupted late Saturday, sending ash and molten lava into the air.

    The volcano, which is named (and we are not making this up) Eyjafjallajokull, apparently also spewed a random torrent of vowels and consonants on to maps.