Patients really could use help

Regarding the Friday letter about cancer research, “How about a fund to help pay bills?” the writer is so correct. I got lung cancer this year and was so shocked to learn that although millions of dollars are donated to cancer research, nothing is set aside for cancer patients. Thankfully, I had family and friends to help with rides, prayers, etc., and I had much-needed insurance, but I went through all my savings.

When I asked if there was any help for prescriptions, etc, I was told a blunt no. Even though millions are donated for research, nothing is set aside for patients. Insurance does not cover everything and there is a maximum cap on all insurances. It is really sad that research takes it all and patients are left looking out the window. Ironically, the cancer fund had the nerve to call me four times requesting I contribute to them…I wanted to say, you got to be joking. Geez, what nerve….

Donna Furiak