Perfect answer for commuters

Regarding the Oct. 11 article, New models, more charging stations could help growth of electric car:

As we move closer to the coming of electric cars and charging stations, such as at the McCollum Park park-and-ride and the new Nissan Leaf, there are many cries of protest. But, if we think about it, it really does make sense for the average commuter.

The Nissan Leaf, according to the article, has an 80 to 100 mile range and comfortably drives freeway speed. Most people are very negative toward the idea of a surge in electric cars. Some issues are how long they takes to charge, the amount of charging stations needed and the impact on the electric companies. However, some of these arguments are impractical. Just consider the average Monday Friday commute. Electric cars fit that, and save a bunch of money in the process. The cost of charging an electric car for a year is much less to the cost of gas that people spend on their weekly commute. As to the range of the average commute, electric cars fit that. Most peoples daily drive to work and back, plus any other minor driving is less than 80 miles per day. Then simply charge your car eight hours on a 220 voltage charger, and your set to go in the morning.

Plus, people can charge it at park-and-rides, while they work their 9-5 jobs. So for a steady option and drive to work, and for people looking to save money practically, electric cars make sense.

Kristopher Millett