Perfect place for public university

I would like to join the ongoing debate about future use of the closed Kimberly-Clark site.

I agree with many that this prime location deserves future development that will result in high wage jobs in the region. A great way to accomplish this goal would be to establish a regional university on the site. Snohomish County has been looking for a suitable site for the region’s first public university and this site could be the ideal solution.

With the deep-water port and existing docks, there would be prime opportunity to add marine biology studies and potentially attract NOAA participation. The site’s environmental legacy could also provide an area of study for environmental research. The availability of abundant power and water would benefit the establishment of a world-class research facility and rail access could eventually lead to transportation solutions. Let’s throw the idea of a university in the hat for ideal use of the Kimberly-Clark site.

Kevin McKay