Pets have options, the allergic don’t

I recently had the opportunity to fly to Phoenix from Seattle. I only had a four-day window to complete this trip, so we needed to fly to maximize our time.

My girlfriend was going to accompany me but she has severe allergies to cats and rabbits. We could not find an airline that flew out of Seattle that didn’t allow pets.

A pet can fly in the hold of the plane or in the cabin if they are the proper size. A human doesn’t have that option; their option is not to fly. It seems a little odd to me that we give animals more options than humans. We allow them to fly at the expense of us.

Airlines charge $75 to $125 per pet; most carriers allow five pets per plane in the cabin. Over 10 million people in the U.S. suffer from various forms of cat allergies alone of differing severity, they all make the sufferer miserable, from extremely ill to life-threatening.

Last year the Canadian Medical Association, with a 93 percent yes vote, voted to ban animals from the cabins of planes because of the serious threat they pose to allergy sufferers.

The end result of all this is that we didn’t fly to Arizona. But I feel better knowing that Fido, Fluffy and Bugs all went and enjoyed the sunshine!

Frank Blackstock