Phone reminders to vote must stop

Anyone calling to remind me to vote is going to lose my vote.

Sure, I want the name of the candidate you represent so I will remember not to vote for them. I don’t even have a ballot yet. I can’t believe I pay a telephone bill for the privilege of these calls. I take my vote seriously, it’s too bad you don’t value mine or yours, if you did you would not be doing this, you have no idea how many people called us to remind us on the last big election (more than 30 if I remember right). And I got really sick of them the last election because we get these calls after we have already voted. Does no one think of this? We had already voted, when we received these calls.

Now, no one votes at the precinct anymore. Think about this for a minute, why should I vote for you if you can’t figure this out for yourself. I’m waiting to vote this time for candidates who can figure this out and not the ones who call me to remind me to vote.

Eileen Darby