Pit bulls should be outlawed

On April 8, I was driving home from work near the Snohomish 3-Lakes area on Mero Road when I rounded a curve and saw several people on the side of the road. As I drove by, I saw a guy holding a dog by the collar and an elderly gentleman kneeling next to a dog covered in blood. I thought the injured dog must’ve gotten hit by a car. I went back to see if I could help.

The elderly man said he was taking his dog for a walk. He pointed to a large pit bull dog the other man was holding and said the pit bull came running out of a yard of an adjacent residence and violently attacked his dog, grabbing it in its mouth and shaking it. The injured dog was very bloody, not moving, and the man said he thought one of its legs was broken.

It was very sad watching the man carefully lift and place his hurt dog into a wheelbarrow and head for his home. I hope the man’s dog survived. I also hope the owner of the pit bull is cited criminally and held responsible for the vet bills.

This was a totally unprovoked attack that is typical for the pit bull breed. These dogs should be outlawed or at the very least have their owners held accountable for their dog’s actions and required to keep these animals secure. Granted, any breed of dog can have the propensity for violent behavior, but it’s no coincidence that the vast majority of these attacks are done by the pit bull breed.

I’m thankful the man was not taking his young grandson for a walk. Things may have turned out drastically worse.

Pit bull owners will now write a rebuttal stating the same lame crap about, “It’s not the breed, it’s how the dog is raised.” Whatever.

Karl Wickizer