Plan detrimental to neighborhood

The Evergreen Revitalization Plan is nearing approval. We sure hope it hasn’t! (Feb. 21, “Everett Planning Commission to rule on plan for Evergreen Way.”)

The Everett City Planning and Development Department paid a consulting firm $150,000 for a plan to revitalize and beautify Evergreen Way. The original plan was to increase bus ridership on the Evergreen corridor. Now, transit routes have been reduced by 30 percent. Now, fewer buses, more riders!

This firm initiated a similar program in Lake City and over 30 years later, that plan is just starting to work. Is this poor planning and why weren’t previous projects by this consulting firm researched?

From the start of this project, some Cascade View Neighborhood residents have been “strongly opposed” to what the Planning Department is trying to accomplish. They always add stipulations in their plans and hope the citizens of Everett will not catch on to what their hidden agenda really is.

This total revitalization project has been a way for the Everett Planning Department to “spot zone” parts of Evergreen Way. Our question to the city is why is the Planning Department so determined to rezone the property behind Total Rentals? This is a single-family dwelling zone. We stopped the proposed rezone on this property in 2007, so why do they keep trying to change the zoning?

This plan, if approved as written, will allow the city of Everett the freedom to rezone single-family dwelling areas into multi-family dwelling areas. The peace and tranquility of neighborhoods will be ruined and Everett citizens will have no voice.

Pat Bowen and other citizens

of the Cascade View Neighborhood