Plant a garden, share with others

Some time ago, a friend of mine, and of many others, passed away. His name was Bill Connor. Bill planted a huge vegetable garden every year, and shared with many folks. Today I am planting our (Bill’s) garden, in memory of Mr. Connor. As I do every year, I plant too much for our use, and give to friends and neighbors who can’t plant a garden.

Many of our “extra vegetables” go to senior citizens. In this world we live in today, it seems as if many folks are always “too busy” to enjoy the simple things. Like growing a vegetable garden. Just last year, the neighbor children, ages 4 to about 7, came to me and asked what I was doing. When I told them that I was planting a vegetable, the first thing they asked is if they could help.

To show and tell a 5-year-old where pickles come from, or corn on the cob, makes a person’s day. As they kept a eye on the garden, I would tell them that when the vegetables were ready to pick, I would come get them. To see small children harvest an ear of sweet corn, or eat peas or carrots right out of the garden, this is what Bill Connor had in mind.

I often say that we need to put our hurried lifestyles on the back burner for a little while, and enjoy the “simple” things. It’s time to go plant my garden, because I hear the little children waiting.

When was the last time you ate a raspberry off the vine? Try it, you will like it!

Craig Van Wey