Player inspires others to face adversity

In a day when priorities seem skewed and some consider themselves “abused” simply when told, “No, you cannot have what you want when you want it,” I had a refreshing encounter with a man who knows real adversity, yet took a different approach to what could have been an excuse to blame others for the reason he did not strive to attain his destiny.

I, too, had the privilege of hearing Reggie Jones speak at ACES Alternative High School in Mukilteo last month (and even got to hold his Saints Super Bowl ring.) Our students at ACES were touched by his words and encouraged to reach for what they want, not settling for the hand life dealt. I fancy myself a bumper-sticker philosopher and asked for his permission to take what he said and condense it into this: “Use life’s adversities as a trampoline rather than a crutch.”

Thank you, Reggie, and your friend/trainer Tracey Ford, for taking time out to come to our school, and more than that: living above the shadow that seeks to suffocate the dream!

Judy Wolff


Aces High School