Playing politics with lives is sick

How timely and well written is the column by Jerry Cornfield in The Herald on Saturday. (“Second-guessing, criticism puts grieving families last.”) I couldn’t have expressed my sentiments any better. However, because I am only a citizen — a voting citizen — I would like to add this: Rep. Elizabeth Scott (R-Monroe) is darned lucky I don’t live in her district. I don’t recall seeing her anywhere in the news during this disaster doing anything but complaining about the folks who have been out in Oso all week, dividing their time between coordinating a gigantic rescue effort and pulling bodies out of the mud. Is this really the time to pull some sort of political publicity ploy? Because, certainly, that must be what she’s doing. Otherwise, how would anyone have the audacity and heartlessness to talk about this now?

Mistakes may have been made. I’m sure, in hindsight, all efforts will be reviewed and critiqued ad nauseam (as some politicians are wont to do — probably should have held off a bit, Liz.) This will happen After. After the families have closure. After the worst of this is behind us. After this is no longer a front page story every single day. I wonder if Ms. Scott will be quite so verbal with her criticism then.

She — and people like her, who play politics with our very lives — make me sick. And sad.

Cynthia Geissler-Turner