Please keep our veterans in mind

I commend Mr. Joe Stone’s July 2 guest commentary, “Fireworks make life tough for veterans.” I know this must have been hard for him to write. So many of our veterans suffer from PTSD, and this time of year only heightens the intensity they all feel because of the loud booms and bangs from the fireworks. The fireworks seem to start days prior to the Fourth of July and go on for days afterward. Because of these loud noises their minds and bodies are brought back to the war zones they have been in. My late husband was a Vietnam vet and any time there was a sudden loud bang he would jump and his heart would race. This never really got any better as time passed.

I ask people to please think about our veterans before lighting off any fireworks (whether they are safe and sane, or illegal ones). There are so many places to go to on the Fourth to view fireworks displays and to celebrate this wonderful holiday. Everett’s Daily Herald has listed them all for all communities in Snohomish County. Thank you and God Bless America!

Beverly C. Russell