Plenty of Dems full of incivility

Obviously, President Obama’s call for civility was meant only for conservatives. He called the Georgetown University student to support her after Rush Limbaugh used inappropriate words about her on his radio show. (His subsequent apology has been virtually ignored by the media.)

Bill Mahr, David Letterman and others have been saying vicious things about Sarah Palin, her daughter and her son with Down Syndrome. They’ve also said nasty things about Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham and other conservative women. This has been ongoing for years with no apologies. Limbaugh said he was trying to illustrate the absurd with absurdity, and he just went overboard. The woman was at the hearing trying to get public (taxpayer) funding for contraceptives. She was having lots of sex and couldn’t afford all the contraceptives she needed. She was upset that Georgetown — a Catholic University — wouldn’t supply her with contraceptives. She didn’t know that before applying there? Come on.

Limbaugh had the class and humility to apologize. We’ve heard no apologies from Mahr, Letterman or the others. Palin, Ingraham and Malkin said they’ve received no calls from the president. Now Mrs. Obama is going on the Letterman show. It’ll be interesting to see if she chides him and Mahr about their remarks. Don’t hold your breath.

Fred Hutchins