Police, not port, cite moored boats

Regarding the Thursday letter, “Ticketing moored boats a new low”: Contrary to the statements, the Port of Everett does not ticket boats for failure to have current tabs nor does it receive any of the revenue associated with those tickets.

Under Washington state law, a person must have a Washington title, current registration certificate and current registration decals to operate, or moor, a vessel on Washington’s waters. By analogy, think of your boat as a car. If your car is parked on a street, and it doesn’t have valid tabs, it will be ticketed. The same is true for boats moored at public marinas. The law was created to track the owners of the vessels for both safety and environmental reasons.

Local law enforcement agencies, such as the Everett Police Department and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, are tasked with enforcing all state laws, including boating regulations like boat registration and tabs. Therefore, the port does not ticket boats for these violations.

As a courtesy, the port reminds our boaters of the registration requirement each May in our newsletter. Boat registration is due in June of each year, and can be done by visiting www.dol.wa.gov/vehicleregistration/howtorenew.html or any of the state licensing agencies.

Les Reardanz

Chief Administrator Officer

Port of Everett