Power munch

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Where’s the beef? Taco Bell says it is listening to its customers’ demands for more protein and is introducing the Catina Power menu, which will offer double portions of meat in its tacos and burritos. “People are not looking for diet food. They want food that gives them energy,” said company president Brian Niccol.

Along with double-meat tacos, power-hungry customers can also buy a Taco Bell 9-volt battery, dusted with Nacho Doritos powder, and lick the positive and negative terminals.

Droning on: Amazon continues to pursue its plans to use self-guided drones to deliver packages and has asked the FAA to allow it to test its Amazon Prime Air service. “We believe customers will love it,” Amazon said.

Customers who liked Amazon Prime Air also liked the sound of buzzing mosquitos, ducking helicopter blades and the nagging feeling that they were being watched.

Green with envy: In the first three days of legal sales of recreation marijuana in Washington state, the Liquor Control Board reported the state raked in almost $150,000 in excise taxes. That figure doesn’t count the revenue from state and local sales taxes.

To celebrate, the Liquor Control Board invited everybody to Taco Bell for a double-meat Catina Power taco. Their treat.