Privacy should be No. 1 concern

Just read the Friday letter, “Women’s rights stop at my wallet.” Hmm.

We women have this medical condition that begins at about age 13 and continues till about 50. It’s called fertility. Smart women manage it with the help of medical science, just as smart diabetics manage their condition with medicine. People with high blood pressure manage theirs with medication. Since when did any of this become anyone else’s business?

I marvel at the audacity of these people who presume that they have the right to weigh in on the health-care decisions of people they don’t even know. Would anyone care to venture a guess as to why they have not shrieked about vasectomies and Viagra? Perhaps men’s rights are just fine with the wallets of those who draw the line at women’s health care.

I wish that the right of the Pentagon to spend obscene amounts of money on weapons that kill children in foreign countries stopped at my wallet. But, unfortunately, I have never had any say in this, and nobody questions the fact that my money is going to something that I have strong moral objections to. This is not a hot topic with radio talk show maniacs, or TV propaganda stations masquerading as news channels.

In spite of the righteous blathering of the anti-women crowd, we who are 51 percent of the population know that we have the moral high ground here. Our patience is wearing thin.

Gina Parry