Profiteers always make promises

When you have been in the spin industry, you read features like the Oct. 7 Viewpoints commentary, “An 11-mile opportunity” differently than the average person. For instance the claim that “younger workers turning away from auto-dependent strip malls to mixed-use housing near town centers” misleads that these youths, even with a couple jobs, can’t get work that will let them afford personal houses or cars. They are a couple steps away from homelessness that more government misjudgment will force them into. You have been promised more jobs and better things for 60 years with only less purchasing power and fewer businesses and jobs delivered. Are you going to follow more promises of jobs and betterment from those who can’t deliver?

Here is a picture to help you better understand the disconnect between you and your politicians and profiteers. Think of a sinking ship with the water reaching its main deck. The main deck used to be the middle of the middle class. Now these “younger workers” have the water over their shoes and rising up their jeans. Everyone below them is sunk, already “underwater.” They need hatches closed and pumps activated. But decks above and in the wheelhouse are influencers whose feet are dry. To these people hatches and pumps must be lip-serviced and gestured, but foremost to them is whether the rudder will be turned right or left. Failure in handling the hatches and pumps will only be realized by them as the water goes over them.

You are probably thinking the pumps I mention are stimulus programs. No, since the water is debt, debt increasing stimulus plans or presidential wars only open hatches. Stimulus debt speeds the sinking. It’s been cost inefficient for 60 years. Beneficial pumps expel the water, they expel the debt. Public servant officials will only be constructive when you make them.

What the Constitution proved was that when the consumers and workers, who don’t want debt or debt-service taxes, rule their public servant politicians and profiteers with grand jury indictments and trial jury sentences, the nation efficiently overwhelms all others. When you let the politicians and profiteers, who want you lost in elections, debt and debt-service taxes, lie their way around you, your community can’t keep going. Call to prosecute spin. Talk among yourselves for correcting lying public servants who are sinking us for their frivolities.

Ken Stacey