Proposals are very important

As school board members it is our job to work for what is best for the children attending public school in our community. There are times when “what is best for children” means supporting taxes because that is how our schools are funded. After much study and deliberation in meetings open to our community, we have placed two propositions before voters on the Feb. 11 ballot.

Each represents a careful balance between cost to taxpayers and the benefit these resources will provide children in our schools. It would be challenging to find any frills or extravagances in the levy proposals.

From replacing an expiring levy that funds more than a fifth of daily school operations to helping fill the gap between what our kids need to compete for good jobs and Monroe’s aging technology systems, your yes votes will go a long way toward supporting the education of this community’s children.

My fellow school board members and I have made a thorough and thoughtful review of these proposals and deemed the proposals as the bare minimum needed to keep moving our schools forward. We have strived to ensure these requests are reasonable, responsible and reflect our commitment to “what is best for children” in our public schools. Now it is time for the community to decide.

Katy Woods, President

Monroe School District Board of Directors