Proposed change costly, unwanted

This is unbelievable in the Thursday Herald — “Five county sites may get new names.” Ebey Slough has had this name since day one, and now they want to change it to another name instead of “slough” — it would be “estuary.” I don’t even know the meaning of this let along how to pronounce it!

Ebey Slough runs adjacent to the Tulalip Reservation, and as an elder member of the Tulalip Tribes I totally object to any name change.

On page 2 of the Wednesday Herald is the article “Lawmakers struggle with the budget in special session.” The state budget is so far out of balance that proposals have included cutting school days and cutting numerous state programs that people really need in order to survive. The state budget is in such sad shape the lawmakers cannot agree on where to make cuts!

Changing names of any local waterways, lakes, etc., costs money — changing maps, holding public hearings, staff time, and the list goes on and on. If the state has so many extra dollars they can use for these type of frivolous actions, in my opinion they should transfer these funds to education or other state programs where people really need services. Many of the state departments are already mandated to take furlough days in order to balance the budget.

Before May 17, I urge all concerned citizens to send comments to the Washington State Committee on Geographic Names, P.O. Box 47030, Olympia, WA 98504-7030; or by email to