Public schools perform better

Regarding the Sunday Viewpoints pro/con commentary on charter schools:

Charter schools perform poorly when compared to public schools, according to reputable state and national studies. Let me rephrase that. Studies show that charter schools are not as effective at educating our kids as public schools. I do not know how the supporters of Initiative 1240 can explain that fact away. You cannot spin it. In my opinion, supporters of 1240 have a basic animus toward public schools. They want to eliminate public schools altogether and make no mistake that is their goal. I believe that something other than academic achievement drives them.

They base their exclusionary crusade on a philosophy that finds no use for government. They vilify public schools and very hard-working teachers, because they do not like paying for them and are dead set against using public funds to educate, or otherwise support, those who they deem are not deserving.

A vote for Initiative 1240 is a vote for a supplemental educational system that does not work as well as the one we already have! Why would an informed person vote for worse? I suggest that you ask one of their supporters. I hope you get an honest answer. Don’t hold your breath.

William Mezger