PUD needs King for sensible ideas

Our current Snohomish County PUD commissioners have repeatedly made poor energy decisions based on questionable recommendations from their staff.

Examples of poor PUD energy investment decisions include WPPSS (Whoops!), Enron and millions wasted chasing “dry” geothermal holes.

PUD is pursuing risky energy projects such as tidal power at Admiralty Inlet and hides the fact that much of the cost is paid by the rate payers.

PUD commissioners refuse all forms of communication with ratepayers outside of public meetings.

PUD is losing over $1 million a year operating its Young’s Creek hydroelectric project.

PUD is wasting millions on the Sunset Falls Hydroelectric project that disturbs ESA threatened critical salmon habitat on a protected scenic river, including blasting of thousands of cubic yards of excavation at the toe of known landslide-prone slopes. Power generated from this project will likely be sold on the open market to California to meet their renewable energy credit needs. Energy generated from the project will come in the spring high flow months when PUD is awash in excess hydro and wind power.

PUD has made questionable “gifts” of public money to a private homeowners association by paying for traffic studies, scheduling meetings, free tree trimming services and overpaying for land six times its value for a project that may never be built!

PUD customers pay the highest electrical rates of any PUD in the state, with six rate increase in the last five years!

Please vote for Bruce King in the upcoming election. He has sensible ideas for solar power and is capable of reining in the out of control PUD staff that create tunnel vision for the commissioners. Bruce King is willing to meet with PUD rate payers and truly listen to their concerns.

Vote for Bruce King on Nov. 4.

William Lider


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