Putting the ‘flight’ in in-flight movie

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Please fasten your seat belts: A pilot for the Boeing 787 program was the star of the show when the IMAX film “Legends of Flight,” featuring scenes of the groundbreaking but delayed 787 Dreamliner, premiered at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center on Friday.

The start of the film was delayed briefly. Boeing workers blamed a projectionist, hired from South Carolina, who had loaded the film reels backward. But Boeing officials said the wait had been caused by an earlier strike of snack bar staff.

  • Sometimes you feel like a nut: Federal aviation officials, out of concerns for an estimated 1.8 million Americans who are allergic to peanuts, may bar the serving of peanuts on commercial flights. One compromise might ban peanuts only on flights where an allergic person has requested it.

    In which case, expect to hear: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are at cruising altitude and the captain has turned on the ‘no peanuts’ light.”

  • Pork get his goat: A New York congressman was injured when the goat he brought to a Capitol Hill news conference to protest federal mohair subsidies jabbed him in the hand with its horn.

    The congressman quickly canceled today’s news conference protesting subsidies for rattlesnake ranchers.