Read what Rush, woman really said

I don’t write letters to the editor. Opinions invoke all kinds of emotion, but I read them and am usually able to shake it off. However, the writer of the Friday letter, “Plenty of Dems full of incivility,” left me so thoroughly disgusted. Rush Limbaugh spent hours on the air degrading a young woman who had the audacity to appear before Congress and describe the blight of young women facing a denial of a part of their health care.

She was denied the ability to speak before an all-male panel on the House oversight committee, but was invited to speak before House Democrats on the benefits to women under the Affordable Care Act contraception regulation.

She spoke eloquently of stories of young women today. Women taking contraception for medicinal conditions like endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, conditions the “pill” controls. She told stories of actual women in low-wage jobs facing hardships in weighing finances against health-care costs. Not once was there any implication that “she was having lots of sex and couldn’t afford contraception.” That’s just disgusting.

This whole issue is about control, who has it and who doesn’t, and all women are on the losing end, regardless of political persuasion. Anyone interested in the truth of what she actually said can find the entire transcript online. Google is an amazing tool. It took me a couple of minutes to find it. Then go Google what Limbaugh had to say and you be the judge.

Donna Thomas