Real heroes rarely talk about deeds

The Supreme Court shooting down the Stolen Valor Act as unconstitutional makes me sick, as a 20-year-plus sergeant that has served Garrison and in real combat. When a veteran or non-veteran lies, if in doubt challenge.

While serving on a board for a local service organization, the board found out that illegal gambling was going and other shady activities. After consulting with the Washington State Gambling Commission, our concerns where validated. After exposing this to organization. A court appointed a career Navy person to be president. The appointee dies, we attend the funeral and it had military honors, but the honors were for Air Force Service three years service in the ’60s. Appointee was not qualified to even be a branch member, even though representing himself as retired Navy Chief Petty Officer.

We do have a lot of military heros in our community, who do not lie. At the local Jiffy Lube in Mill Creek you can find one. Retired SFC Miller, he is a real hero. While his squad was traveling in a track vehicle on a desert road, a deep and wide trench appeared out of nowhere from a flash flood the day before. He spotted it and jumped to alert driver to stop as we did not have communications in his vehicle. The driver slammed on the brakes and we hit the trench, the vehicle started to roll. Miller became airborne due to forward motion and sudden stop. The gunner grabbed Miller and by the grace of God he did not eject from the vehicle. He save his squad from a terrible accident. I myself tore my rotor cuff, lost a tooth, and screwed up my back grabbing him. SFC Miller injured his knees and back. SFC Miller seeks no recognition for this. That’s a hero, not the phonies who should be prosecuted.

J.J. Brown