Reardon adds to his list of failures

Whatever happened to Snohomish County government leadership? In your Tuesday article, “County official resigns on day lawsuit alleges lapses,” it seems that the county executive once again has added to his list of failures, and continues to diminish the importance of proper management oversight.

Mark Soine appears to be the “fall guy” in this latest debacle and has now resigned his deputy executive position. When the going gets tough the buck doesn’t quite stop at the top where it should, with Aaron Reardon.

Isn’t it interesting that Mr. Reardon’s comment in response to The Herald regarding this matter was to say he was focusing on other challenges and opportunities? What could be more challenging than actually running the county bureaucracy in a fair, efficient and open manner with competent employees? I suppose he is almost saying that incompetence is acceptable, at least in the executive’s office. Mr. Reardon has little time remaining to demonstrate that he can be an effective leader.

Gary Reiersgard

Lake Stevens