Refer to shooters only as cowards

Violence always brings about raw emotions and the question of “why” is permanently burned into the hearts of the lives that were touched first-hand by the violence. In recent years there is constantly a call against guns as a knee-jerk reaction. In his Dec. 18, column “We must take action on guns right now,” Eugene Robinson said something about striking while the iron is hot. Walking through someone’s blood claiming the iron is hot just so you can make a political statement is nauseating.

It seems to me that this type of violent person is suicidal. I have always had sympathy for those that are so tortured that they end their own life. However, when they make a conscious choice to take others with them, damn these cowards to hell, I say. Make no mistake that these cowards know the media is going to say their name for days on end. Never mention their name again. Refer to them as a coward and nothing more. Speak only the names of the victims.

The media does play a hand in this ugly scene. Such as not covering the 22-year-old man in the Clackamas shooting who had a concealed weapon permit and drew his Glock down on the suicidal coward as his gun jammed. Nick Meli’s statement was, “I know after he saw me, I think the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself.” Well, how many lives were saved because of this young hero and his legal Glock? We should all know Nick Meli’s name, and what he did.

I predict more violence due to an administration that continues daily to bombard all of us with dehumanizing remarks about fellow citizens, which promotes intolerance. People that are weak and struggling gravitate toward this kind of talk, like metal to a magnet. If you want to help change the world, try this. If you see someone who you feel is having a hard time, offer them a cup of coffee, or tea and cookies, and a bit of your time. Offer some kindness to others, before they break, and you might just prevent another news story of senseless violence.

Penny Hansen