Religious freedom is the only issue

In Julie Muhlstein’s Wednesday column, “Limbaugh aside, contraception remains a hot topic,” people are not only appalled and mind-boggled, they are thoroughly confused and misinformed. No one wants to take away access to contraception. The issue is not contraception, but who pays the co-pay and deductible.

The federal mandate requires all insurance polices provide free hormonal contraception, sterilization and abortion-causing drugs. Catholics consider abortion to be a mortal sin — the worst kind of sin. So, of course Catholic institutions want a conscience exemption. It is a not a Catholic issue, but a freedom of religion issue. This is why many other denominations are also protesting the federal mandate.

Hormones used to treat disease or dysfunction are medicine. Fertility and pregnancy are not diseases. You have the choice whether or not to use “birth control,” but don’t ask Catholic institutions to pay for it.

Joann Crocker