Removal of bricks breaks contract

The removal of the memorial bricks from the Everett Performing Arts Center was the most insensitive, unconscionable, incomprehensible decision imaginable.

The big is question is why.

Both Julie Muhlstein’s column, “Centennial bricks get tossed in Everett plaza project,” and the editorial “Preserving a city’s history” and heritage decried the loss, and unlike others, this one was deliberate and pointless.

Surely the least amount of imagination could have incorporated them into the plaza. They even removed the bricks under the overheard entrance door thresholds, this same level now covered in black cement. Why? I attended the “Big River” show and was saddened by the sight. The nostalgic bricks would have made an interesting addition to the plaza. Is it not the desire that plaza construction include interesting attractions as an incentive to encourage use?

As a volunteer during the Everett Centennial celebration, I spent many hours dispensing those bricks. My family and I purchased a dozen or more, and some of those other stories were very touching indeed. I see these bricks as private property, bought and paid for and promised permanent perpetuity. They took our money then threw out the product; I question the legality of such a move.

George C. Deane