Remove structure in ‘all-green’ way

If the federal judge and his environmentalist friends insist on removing the Green Mountain lookout, let them do it themselves. To avoid being disingenuous they shouldn’t do any of the following:

Use helicopters or any other man-made machinery.

Use horses or any other animals — they would damage the trails and pollute the forest with droppings and “emissions.”

Inhale — that would rob the trees of precious oxygen.

Exhale or emit methane — these would pollute the environment with carbon dioxide and noxious gases.

Leave any body waste — it should be packed out.

Use any fossil-fuel vehicles to reach the trailhead.

Seem ridiculous? No more so than the notion that a tiny lookout in a giant wilderness is hurting the environment.

Can’t comply? Then just leave the lookout alone. The vast majority of voters/taxpayers would agree.

Fred Hutchins