Renew critical school levy

I am writing to urge residents of the Sultan School District to vote “yes” for the renewal of the current levy that expires this year. The renewal of this levy is critical to a well-rounded and competitive education for our children.

The current levy amounts to approximately 20 percent of the Sultan School District’s annual operating budget. These funds help to provide for our students in many ways: All day kindergarten, smaller class size, extracurricular activities, band and music programs, technology, counseling and more. All of these programs are designed to better prepare our children for the future. All day kindergarten and smaller class sizes help to provide a strong educational foundation for our young children as they start their educational careers. Band, music, technology and other extra-curricular activities allow our children to discover their talents, their passions, enhance their self-esteem and provide potential avenues into their college and career future.

We owe it to our children to renew this levy. These children will lead us one day. It is our responsibility, not just as parents, not just as a society that values education, but citizens who are concerned about the direction the world is heading, to prepare them for their future role to best of our ability.

Kelly Clifton

Gold Bar