Reporting scams, advertising scams?

Monday’s Herald had a well written article about local scammers who are attempting to solicit money from unsuspecting people based on phony arrest warrants. “Phone scam relies on new trick” by Rikki King and Scott North.

On page 5 of Monday’s Herald contains a full page add for “bags of cash” for a limited number of lucky Washington residents who live in a county listed in the advertisement. The counties listed included all Washington counties! What a surprise.

Everything about this advertisement screams “fraud” including the pictures and many misleading department titles. The director of “Vault Operations” is Timothy J. Shissler, surely this is a misspelling (Chiseler.)

My question is: How can you warn us of scammers on page 1 and support their scams for money on page 5?

Howard Tate


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