Require EIS for expansion plan

Thank you to The Herald for doing some due diligence on Cedar Grove, and thanks to the city of Marysville and the Tulalip Tribes for standing up and pushing for appropriate scrutiny of Cedar Grove’s planned expansion. (Friday article, “Compost facility hasn’t met permit, opponents claim.”) It certainly looks like Cedar Grove has been evading proper environmental oversight and regulatory review and I’m shocked and disappointed that they apparently managed to double their processing capacity without any review and with a few phone calls.

The fact that none of the Everett officials seemed comfortable defending the bumbling of their planning department also seems pretty telling to me. Given this extensive record and pattern of behavior, I believe that Everett and the PSCAA should absolutely require an Environmental Impact Statement for Cedar Grove’s desired expansion. I am also very concerned about their unchecked expansion in the future. They have already put in and then withdrawn plans to process 528,000 tons of food and yard waste in Everett and that strongly suggests that they have plans for more heaps of stink in the future.

Byron J. Muck