Rescue groups rigid for a reason

Regarding the letter “Some rescue groups too rigid” from the couple who was turned down by two local dog rescue group: Our family has fostered dogs for three local rescues and what the writer fails to understand is that rescue groups are rigid in their adoption requirements for a reason. The animals we take into rescue have been abandoned, neglected and unwanted. We spend days, weeks and months nursing them back to health, teaching them acceptable behavior and showing them unconditional love. We are not looking for good homes, we are looking for amazing homes to adopt them.

All of us in rescue consider our dogs and the foster dogs we take in, family. We do not think it is acceptable to keep our family members in the garage where we keep our garbage cans, paint cans and cars. Dogs are pack members and are happy when they are with their families and included in the family home and in your daily activities. Would the writer think it would be acceptable to isolate her children or husband in the garage at night?

Rescues only want the best for the dogs they take in and we work very hard to ensure they are placed in homes that treat them with love and respect. The rescues mentioned spend countless hours of time and their own money rescuing and caring for other peoples’ dogs that were unwanted — through no fault of their own. They should be commended for that. It is clear to me that the problem does not lie with the rescue’s rigid rules.

Kelly Marlo