Rock-a-bye baby

Rock-a-bye baby

Looking for baby name ideas? A new book lists 2,000 names inspired by rock ‘n’ roll songs.

Warning: Child psychologists advise parents that naming kids after a Nickelback song will likely make them the object of painful ridicule in their teen and young-adult years.

Poor, poor pitiful me: The airport in Nashville tries hard to give travelers a taste of Music City’s honky-tonk, country-music culture.

Presumably, that means you get to hear a particularly morose, crying-in-my-beer country ballad after you find out you’ve been bumped from your flight and will have to cool your heels in the terminal for 12 hours.

The Great Toothpick Heist of 2012: Someone broke into a toothpick factory in Athens, Ga., and made off with about 400,000 toothpicks, police say.

No one is quite sure why anyone would want to steal 400,000 toothpicks, but as a precaution, extra security measures were taken at nearby factories that make martini olives and Elmer’s glue.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff