Rolling assets

Rolling assets

Now you’re talking about some wheel money: Nervous about the volatile stock market, some moneybags types are parking their cash stockpiles in classic cars. But the investment could prove to be a lemon, experts caution.

The Buzz is no financial adviser, but we can safely say that you’re better off sticking your cash in a savings account that pays 0.1 percent than in the 1976 AMC Pacer you saw on Craigslist.

iSecret: There are no spoilers in Apple’s media invitation to its annual September new-product launch event. “9.9.2014. Wish we could say more,” the invite reads.

Thanks to the inevitable breathless hype surrounding anything from Apple, it might as well have added, “But we sure as heck don’t need to.”

TV dinners: Action-packed TV shows may make us eat more unhealthful snacks, while slower-packed, more cerebral fare has the opposite effect, a new study finds.

The Buzz must now sign off so we can work on our new book pitch: “The C-SPAN Diet.”

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff

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