Romney, Obama are equally bad

Are those primroses?

Election’s coming, and we all want to be informed voters, so watch the political networks and ads, and then pick your poison.

Set before you are two cakes, each laden with rot and worms, each covered with whipped cream, one flavored Obama and the other Romney. Each sits upon a platter made from special-interest money. Which would you rather eat … and you have to eat one.

Picture yourself trudging up the voter’s ramp at the Political Slaughterhouse — knowing that all is lost — when you come to a Y, each side marked “Save the Republic” and the word Romney on one side and Obama on the other. If you take the correct path you’ll save our representative government. A few steps more and the paths converge and a bolt of big-money interest is fired into your brain. Your final thought: it just didn’t matter.

Neither Obama nor Romney is the answer to what ails this country. So vote for the candidate you want to represent the super-wealthy, but while eating that cake or trudging up that ramp, take a look at the futility of your effort to find real representation:

Shakespeare meant “Something is rotten in the state of our representative government.” There’s a reason our opinion about politicians is low, so unless you’re one of the super wealthy, quit fooling yourself.

Ron Larsen