Rooms needed for kindergarten

Last year, I was very happy when the Legislature approved funding for free, full-day kindergarten for all children. The funding was to be phased-in over the next four years. Yet, much to my dismay, my own local school district couldn’t take advantage of that funding. Why? Because there simply aren’t enough classrooms!

Rep. Mary Helen Roberts and I met with the school district administrators and school board last October to better understand why the school district turned down the funding and, during that conversation, learned more about the magnitude of the problem. We were amazed at the rate of student enrollment growth during the past decade, especially at the elementary level. We knew the school district’s reputation for providing an excellent education has been appealing to families, but had no idea the impact that growth has had on our schools.

The solution is fairly simple: The school district needs more classrooms. The construction bond proposal that is now before voters will do just that, plus it will continue the school district’s tradition of academic excellence for all students. Both Rep. Roberts and I urge voters in the Mukilteo School District to join us in voting “yes” for both the bond and levy by Feb. 11.

Sen. Marko Liias