Round Three

Round Three

Change the subject: Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama meet Monday night in Boca Raton, Fla., for their third and final presidential debate. The subject will be foreign policy.

The Buzz predicts Romney will answer most foreign policy questions something like this: “The situation in (insert foreign nation here) bears watching. Now, what about that unemployment rate here at home?”

Silence, please: As the campaign enters the final two weeks, Obama, Romney and the various super PACs have unleashed a constant fire hose stream of television advertising in the battleground states.

The good folks in Ohio wish to thank the brilliant person who first thought to include a “mute” button on TV remotes.

Weekend at Fidel’s: The former vice president of Venezuela has shared photos of what he says was his recent five-hour visit with Fidel Castro, countering rumors that the 86-year-old former Cuban leader, who hasn’t been heard from in months, was near death.

The photos show Castro, his wife and several other people, who The Buzz can only assume were with the People’s Revolutionary School of Mortuary Science in Havana.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff