Royal pain

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

There just isn’t enough ketchup: The city of Gloucester, England, has requested some eel-like sea lampreys from the Great Lakes be shipped there. Gloucester will use the lampreys in a special pie that it plans to present to Queen Elizabeth II in June for her Diamond Jubilee. Gloucester has been preparing the delicacy for the royal family since the Middle Ages.

Not surprisingly, the queen is not a fan of lamprey pie, but being the good sport she is, she’ll close her eyes, hold her nose, swallow and “think of England.”

It’s not all beer and skittles: Kate Middleton, whose first wedding anniversary with Prince William is Sunday, has developed into a highly regarded member of the royal family who seems to enjoy the demands of her role at charity events and other royal engagements.

We’re guessing William hasn’t told her about the pie.

Don’t know much about history: On this day in 1817, the United States and Britain signed the Rush-Bagot Treaty, which limited the number of naval vessels in the Great Lakes.

The British were reluctant to sign at first, until the Americans said they were welcome to all the lampreys they could eat.