Sadly, judge made the right decision

As unfortunate as it might be for the future of the historic Green Mountain lookout, the judge got it right in this case with his ruling.

As with most forest recreationists, I too do not wish to see this historic lookout destroyed, but the bigger issue is that people really need to learn exactly what wilderness is, and what wilderness is not. They should not suggest that areas need to be designated as wilderness to protect them for “future generations,” then attempt to weaken the designation by this or that exception.

The Wilderness Act states “an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man…” A human constructed lookout, and in this case a recently restored lookout by use of a helicopter no less, is not natural and should not be located within a wilderness area. The Wilderness Act also bans “mechanical transport.” The last I hear, helicopters have those evil internal combustion engines, and do not run on politically correct quiet solar panels.

If enough people are adamant about saving this historic lookout, they may want to convince a Washington representative or senator to introduce a bill in Congress to remove this area from the Glacier Peak Wilderness. There are other less stringent designations that could protect this area and allow the lookout to remain, along with other forms of recreation to be able to enjoy this area.

Dave Hurwitz

Snowmobile Alliance of Western States

Cle Elum