Sales tax already sends people away

In Thursday’s Herald there’s the big headline “Reardon to propose sales tax for criminal justice.” Well, let’s see with my property tax , PUD tax on my electrical use, garbage tax, telephone tax, Internet tax, cable TV tax, sure, why not put more tax on the folks? It seems to be the trend, and if Snohomish County’s goal is to drive shoppers away from local shopping have at it. Right now I know of folks who prefer to shop in Skagit County because of the higher Snohomish County tax rates. The local tax rate on retail sales of non-food items is 8.0 percent in unincorporated Skagit County — the difference of 1.5 percent looks better in my pocket. I recently made a purchase at a local Snohomish County business, item cost $567.98 now add tax, item is $617.98, or a difference of $49.98; no thanks to any more tax increases.

Ron Carlson