‘Same old’ simply will not suffice

Let’s get serious about our country’s future. No one, especially our elected politicians, wants to face the position we have “borrowed” our way into. Unless they face facts and act upon them how can things change? Unfortunately they, like so many of us, their constituents, suffer from the “me syndrome.” The unbelievably generous remuneration and perks they receive make it extra hard for them to find time to seriously study and act upon our nation’s needs rather than upon their own. (Primarily, their re-election.)

Remember … they are our representatives. We pay their way. We need people who are best qualified for the job, not people whose main focus is on promoting themselves. It’s up to us to ferret out those who would face facts and work to correct our nation’s direction. The “same old, same old” just won’t do. It’s a terribly difficult job, but we have to get started.

Norma Haines