Say hi to Joe

Vacation interruptus: President Barack Obama is interrupting his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard on Monday for meetings in D.C. with Vice President Joe Biden.

The White House won’t say why Obama needed to fly back to D.C., but The Buzz figures first lady Michelle Obama must have objected to seeing a Bermuda shorts-clad Biden on the Vineyard beaches.

“Sopranos,” with horse and buggy: Pennsylvania’s governor is asking the Discovery Channel to drop its series, “Amish Mafia,” because of its “bigoted portrayal” of the religious sect. Discovery defends the show as an honest look at Amish men enforcing the laws of their community.

And besides, Discovery said, “dat’s a nice Amish quilt youse got there. It’d be a shame if something was to happen to it.”

Potty pooh-pooh: Parents these days are way too nervous about potty training, something their great-grandmothers approached with calm confidence, child psychologist John Rosemond says.

Right. Great-grandma had more serious things to worry about: lead paint chips, flammable pajamas, polio …

— Mark Carlson and Jon Bauer, Herald staff