Scary to think of GOP-led state

I was disappointed when I read that the Herald Editorial Board endorsed Rob McKenna for governor. Having watched what the Republican governors across the country have done since the 2010 election is very disturbing. People have written into this newspaper indicating they don’t see why there’s such a fuss about women’s reproductive rights. All you have to do is look at the legislation that has been enacted in the Republican-led states and you will see they are taking away women’s rights through legislation that includes a ban on abortion, enacting personhood amendments, refusal for assistance with the cost of birth control, and eliminating funding to Planned Parenthood.

Now, many of the Republican-led states are creating every barrier possible to the less fortunate to keep them from voting. The courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have struck down many of their attempts which is good news. But people need to understand what is going on. This is clearly voter suppression, not supported by just one or two states but by many Republican-led states.

Rob McKenna couldn’t wait to jump into the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act. I don’t know why he was compelled to do so — it is clear to me that he wasn’t representing the majority of the citizens of our state. So what will we get with him as our governor? It frightens me to think about it. He isn’t a leader — he’s a follower and we don’t need another Republican governor who will jump into lawsuits to oppose what every citizen has a right to — a vote and control over their own body.

Diana Osborne