School buses need cameras

In the Oct. 24 paper on the front page was an article about school buses being ignored and drivers passing illegally at bus stops. Lo and behold, I go to pick up my grandson at the bus stop in my small neighborhood. The bus stops and puts on first the yellow lights, then the red lights with the stop sign paddle out. Coming down the hill a car just zips past the bus without even slowing down! The driver and I were both amazed. Fortunately, he was able to write down the license plate number and will be turning it in. What if my grandson had run across the street at that time? Is it going to take the death of a child before something is done to these careless drivers?

We live in Everett but our children are in the Mukilteo School District. School boards need to get cameras on buses so there can be no dispute. Not only is it illegal, it is downright dangerous. I don’t know what happens when the drivers are alerted by mail, but I would like to see that they get fined and not just a warning. This is why the all the different school boards need to take action about the cameras — now.

Cindy Shobe


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