School’s assembly a perfect tribute

While working as a volunteer Thursday at Shoultes Elementary School, and due to being a veteran, I was asked to attend the Veterans Day assembly. It consisted of songs by the choir, readings of letters that students had completed for the Wounded Warrior Project, and letters to servicemen and women currently serving.

I was absolutely amazed and touched by the entire assembly. The respect and maturity that the students displayed in so many ways was almost enough to bring tears to this curmudgeon’s eyes. To hear the patriotic songs sung by voices of such innocence was a strong reminder of the rewards of serving and who I was serving for. It was such a perfectly performed tribute to the men and women serving, and who have served, one would have lost touch with the fact that they were at an elementary school.

For as much time as I spend volunteering there as a Watch Dog, I keep expecting at some time for it to seem more of an inconvenience. This is so completely the contrary. Every day is more rewarding than the next.

I cannot thank all the staff of Shoultes Elementary and the students enough for letting me be so honored to “work” with them.

I salute you all.

Mike Habic