Science points to existence of God

Regarding the “Darwin on the Palouse” article: As a Christian pastor I pray that atheists will have the intellectual humility to rethink their position and acknowledge where the facts of mainstream science point logically with respect to the existence of God.

It is a scientifically non-controversial fact that the entire cosmos (all matter, energy, space, and time itself) had an absolute beginning, that is, came into existence out of a “zero volume singularity” at the big bang. This includes quantum particles and gravity! It is likewise a fact that a host of physical constants related to the atom, light and gravity were precisely fine-tuned from the moment of creation to yield a universe that is capable of hosting life of any kind. Atheists are at a complete loss to account for either of these weighty realities.

And these are just a few of the mounting list of discoveries that intellectually challenge the materialistic worldview. The suggestion of the article that Christianity has something to fear from the atheistic challenge, and that materialists are most in touch with rationality, is more of a reflection on media prejudice than it is of the facts of the case when brought into the light of a thorough-going discussion.

Rev. Gary Jensen

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church