Scofflaws must be caught in the act

Regarding the Sunday letter, “Noise ordinance selectively applied”: I can give the writer the short answer as to why law enforcement was able to catch him violating the noise ordinance, while leaving the fireworks scofflaws untouched. It was easy for law enforcement to get a fix on him, as he was doing something mature and purposeful in the daylight at his own address.

On the other hand, the fireworks setters are too ubiquitous, too elusive and too much operating at the limbic system level of a 13-year-old boy’s brain. Apparently for law enforcement the challenges presented by this are like trying to lasso slime. Mayor Nehring told me in an email exchange on the subject that the police have to catch the perpetrators in the act of lighting illegal fireworks in order to cite them. We here in Marysville are subjected to near nightly outbursts from someone setting off fireworks. It will probably take the responsible citizenry to organize a concerted effort to track down and silence these thoughtless jerks. Is riding them out of town on a rail off the table?

Thomas Munyon