Seek support for education act

As a retired teacher, I care passionately about education. When my daughter was growing up, she had access to Highly Capable Programs and Running Start to help her make the most of her education. Yet, in many locations around the world, girls may have access to at best a few years of education, if their families can afford it. Malala Yousufzai of Pakistan was shot for simply advocating education for girls! What can we do to right this terrible wrong?

We can urge our congressional representatives to support the Education for All Act, a bipartisan bill that calls upon the U.S. to support multilateral global education initiatives like the Global Partnership for Education, which will allow us to leverage our funds with other donors in a cost-effective way. The GPE has put 19 million children in school in nations around the world. If we can gather a critical mass of congressional support for the EFA Act before the end of the year, the bill will have a better chance of being passed in 2013.

Congressman Larsen has signed onto the EFA Act. Let’s urge all Washington’s representatives to sign on and support Education for All girls and boys everywhere.

Gabriele Bartholomew