Seems illogical to sue after accident

Regarding the article, “Family of wounded Bremerton girl hires lawyer”: I would like to say to the parents of Amina Bowma that I am very sorry for the harm and injury their little girl received. I also hope she has a speedy and full recovery.

My letter is about the parents’ interviews with their attorney. According to my dictionary, accident is defined as, “An unexpected, undesirable event. An unforeseen incident, lack of intention.” I am confused as to why they claim “it was no accident.”

I can understand why they want someone accountable for what happened, what parent wouldn’t? I only hope their actions are in the direction of the boy and to the person who made it possible for him to get access to the gun in the first place. If their actions are directed at the school, because “they have money and insurance,” just remember where that money comes from, all of us who pay taxes and school levies.

If they sue the school district for what happened then shame on them and shame on all of us as a society, for allowing this to happen. I hope I’m wrong!

Jim Thompson